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Pastel Xpress/Partner Version 11.3.1

Anthony Boggiano
posted this on 04 October 2012 13:18

We are currently in the final stages of testing Pastel Xpress/Partner version 11.3.1.

This will be ready to release in the next few weeks and we will update you as soon as it is available.

This article lets you know what is new and what has been fixed when compared to the previous release version, v11.2.2.

What's changed 

Pastel Bank Manager V2:

Fill Down Accounts

There is now a message that is displayed when filling down accounts.

Message displayed:  "Would you like to overwrite existing Account(s)?"


Yes:  Will overwrite all account fields with the selected account and the default tax type allocated to the selected account from (Edit |General Ledger |Accounts)

No:  Will only fill down that account to 'blank' account fields.

Cancel:  Won’t change anything.

Configure Mappings

Added new options called ‘Save Options’ with 2 check boxes. The first check box has to be selected to enable the second check box

Check box 1:  "Apply to Current Import on Save"

Check box 2:  "Overwrite All Mapped Transactions"

  • Make changes or add new mappings ... click 'Save' (No 'Save Options' selected) ... it will NOT affect the current import only when import a new bank statement.

  • Make changes or add new mappings ... select 1st check box:  "Apply to Current Import on Save" and click 'Save' ... will ONLY affect transactions that match the mapping criteria but NOT against transactions that are already allocated to an account.

  • Make changes or add new mappings ... select both check boxes in 'Save Options', the 2nd check box:  "Overwrite All Mapped Transactions" is ONLY available/enabled if the 1st check box:  "Apply to Current Import on Save" is selected

Click 'Save' ... this will apply to the current import by overwriting all transactions which are mapped and transactions which have accounts allocated against them BUT match the mapping criteria.

Tab in Grid

Can now tab once to make a selection and move to next field. Example the GCS column, type in ‘S’ and tab, it will select ‘S’ and move to next column.

Split Transactions

Create split transactions in main grid. When the split transactions come back into the main grid, it comes with the same row number and same position. The batch created to Pastel Cashbook will be the same order as in Bank Manager.

Cashbook Batch Listing Report

A batch created from Bank Manager into Cashbook, will now print with contra accounts.

Standard Bank - Cats

Previously when importing the Standard Bank – Cats layout will result in an invalid file format error. Changes were made to allow an import with or without Opening and Closing Balances. All layouts now import.

Investec - CSV

Previously when importing the Investec - CSV layout will result in an invalid file format error. Changes were made to ignore Windows Regional Settings (short date format) therefore now the Investec files import regardless of Windows Regional Settings.


Defects Fixed


Defect PAS006013

When importing Master files with User Defined fields, the User Defined fields did not import. This has been resolved.


Defect PAS010819

When a user is set to only process Tax Invoices and nothing else, the Recurring Tax Invoice screen opened up instead of the Tax Invoice screen.  This has been resolved.


Defect PAS010321

When Inventory Groups are not set up sequentially in Pastel a Run Time Error 380 would appear in POS when adding a new item.  This is resolved.



If you have any questions about this release, please open a new tickets at this website and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you.