Accountants Suite v413 Released **AML Module Now Available**

We are delighted to announce the release version 413 of our software for accountants. You can get started straight away by referring to the links in the article below:

Download the Software

If you already have Keytime Accountants' Suite download the update from the link below.  If you are looking for a full installation of the Keytime Accountants' Suite, please see our Getting Started article here 


Download v413 update


Running the Update

Ensure that you have taken a recent backup of your Keytime data prior to running the update. Instructions on how to back up can be found at Backing up your Keytime Data

  1. Close all Keytime software
  2. Download the update choosing Run (or Save if you wish to store the file in the network location to update other computers in your office)
  3. Run the update and follow the on-screen prompts.  Click Finish when prompted to close the installer.
  4. Restart the PC if prompted.
  5. Run the update on every PC accessing Keytime software (access the update from the network location in step 3 above).
  6. To check the version number, open any Keytime module and click the Help menu, select About.


What's New in Keytime Accountants' Suite V413 Release

IRIS Anti Money Laundering - AML - software enables accountants to perform all aspects of compliance recording and monitoring. 

Manage and document all AML related policies and procedures, and implement a risk-based assessment scheme for all your clients.

Key features:

  • Assess client risk and document Know Your Client (KYC) information

  • Track staff training and staff confirmations of money laundering awareness

  • Identifies non-compliant clients and helps you to bring them up to date

  • Electronic ID verification system, with no minimum number of checks or setup costs

  • Download and search the latest Treasury sanctions list at the click of a button

  • Imports client records from your existing databases

  • Includes an AML compliance technical reference manual by SWAT UK Limited

Practice Manager

Export clients to IRIS AML module - Practice Manager can export client records to IRIS Anti-Money Laundering (AML) module.  A free to use version of Practice Manager ships with all copies of the Keytime Accountants' Suite.  A guide to exporting data from Practice Manager and importing into IRIS AML can be downloaded here 

Fix Broken Links (move job) -  Recognise this problem - an Accounts Production job on one record and the Corporation Tax on another (duplicate) record?  Duplicate records can be a problem for Practice Manager, this can now be fixed by using move job.  You will find a move button by jobs in client records that are considered duplicates:

You can move a job from one record to another, thus allowing you to delete the unwanted duplicate record. You can find more details on how to use this new feature in our specially written guide to maintaining Practice Manager, download it here.


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