AVG security software blocking Keytime Personal Tax software


We have been notified late on this afternoon that AVG security software have released a software update which is causing some of the Keytime modules to stop working.

With regards to the problem you have reported re: Unable to access your Keytime software.

Please refer to the following suggested solution for your AVG security software:

Exclude file, folder or website from AVG scanning


In certain situations, you may wish to define exceptions in AVG, so that AVG will ignore certain files, folders or websites.

Note: Always make sure that the file, folder or website is absolutely safe. Even legitimate files and trustworthy websites may be compromised.

Open your AVG program.
From the Options menu select Advanced settings.
In the left pane select Exceptions.
In the right pane click Add exception.
In the drop-down menu please select the exception type.
Browse to the file, folder that you want to exclude or type URL
Click OK to save details of the exception.
Click OK again to save the settings.

The folder which the exclusion needs to be added to by default is C:\Program files (x86)\Keytime\ Apply the changes and then this should then allow you to access your software again.

*However, if you are using AVG 2014, you will need to make the actual exe an exception, which can be found at C:\Program Files(x86)\Keytime\Tax 2015\Tax 2015.exe*

If you are unable to follows these steps please refer to the following link for further assistance:

Once this has been done, you will need to restore the program from the Virus Vault:

- Open AVG
- Virus Vault
- Highlight the Keytime exe and press restore

This will restore the files back onto your machine and allow you to access your Keytime software successfully.

Kind regards,
Support Manager

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