2016 Accountants' Suite Released

We are delighted to announce the release of the 2016 versions of our software for accountants. You should receive a pack containing a CD and instructions shortly, or you can get started using the links in this article.

Download the Software

download.pngDownload our 2016 software

336MB - includes Payroll 2016/17


Getting Started

You can download our getting started guide - you should read this before installing the update.

Download the instructions



If you're already registered, the software will automatically prompt you to download your new registration codes when the existing ones are about to expire. 


Trial Licence Codes

A 2 week trial licence code is available for any unregistered module you wish to evaluate.


What's New


All Modules

A 'Support Me' link has been added to all software modules.  If can be found by clicking the Help menu in any of the modules.


Personal Tax

Personal Tax has been updated to handle the marriage allowance transfer, which was introduced in the budget in 2014 and came into force in April 2015.  The new boxes and functionality can be found of Page 5 of the main tax return.

The collection of class 1 and 2 NIC contributions has changed; the contributions are now collected through the tax return.  The self employment (page 1) and employment (page 2 of the short pages and page 5 of the full pages) pages have been updated to handle this requirement.  A new data entry screen has also been added, which can be accessed either from the form or from within the employment and self employment data entry screens.


Practice Manager

Successful submission responses from the Personal Tax, Trust Tax, Corporation Tax and P11D modules now automatically update their respective filing deadlines in Practice Manager. 

Job and task reminders in the Diary that land on either Saturday or Sunday now appear in the reminders list on the preceding Friday. 

A salutation option has been added to email communications, for use in bulk emails.  When used, the field is replaced with the contents of the salutation field in the first address on the client record.

When adding a new company type client and Practice Manager has company secretarial functionality registered, Practice Manager will prompt you to add a company secretarial job.

The dividend form and voucher have been updated to remove the dividend tax credit where the payment date is 6 April 2016 or later.

A Reports button has been added to the ribbon in client records.  If you click Reports from a client you are taken to the main reports tab, but the client is now pre-selected.

The billing decisions report can now be accessed directly from timesheets; a button has been added to the reports section of the ribbon.


Corporation Tax

In Internet Filing Management, when a computation is added to the submission, 'I attach computations for the period' is automatically ticked on page 1 of the return.

The declaration name and status now carries forward as part of the year end process, in addition, if accounts are exported from Accounts Production, the name of the director signing the accounts, position and date are taken to the declaration on the CT600.


Charities - Accounts Production 

Cost of charitable expenditure note can now show a breakdown by sub-account; there is now an option in the cost of charitable activities by fund type and activity type notes.





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