[VAT Filer] Installing & Registering VAT Filer

Installing & Registering VAT Filer


This tutorial will take you through installing Keytime VAT Filer on your PC, through to registering the software.



To start with, you will need the file VATfilerSetup.msi on your PC. ?


Double click VATSetup.exe to launch the installer, and follow the onscreen instructions.




Click Next.
Click I Agree, then Click Next.
The settings shown above are our recommended settings. Click Next.
Click Next to start the installation. Allow any changes to be made if prompted.
Click Next.
Click Close.


Once the installation has completed, you should see the following icon on your desktop:



Double click the icon to launch VAT Filer

Once the program opens, you will see the License Manager screen:

License ManagerEnter your security code, your email address and your company name, then click Activate Online.

You should receive an email from us containing your security code after you have ordered.  If you haven't received these, please submit a request here.

The login screen will appear:

Login ScreenYou should choose a username and password.

You should choose a username and password, and click OK.  VAT Filer will then launch.


Next Steps

  • Setting up a company & VAT Schedules
  • Managing Multiple companies and Users

Running VAT Filer on a network


Setting up VAT Filer to run over a network is straightforward:

  • Install VAT Filer on each PC as shown in this tutorial.
  • Register the software on each PC, using your license code.
  • Head to Settings on the left-hand panel, then select Data Location
  • Change the Data Source and XML File Folder paths to a shared location on your network.
  • For help with setting up a shared location, please speak to your IT provider, or refer to the helpful guide on our support website: Shared Locations on a Network


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