Advancing Keytime Payroll to a later period

Sometimes you may find that you need to move forward to a later period in Keytime Payroll without paying anyone. This is very unusual, but most often happens when the company did not employ anyone until part-way through the year and the company has been incorrectly set to start in Period 1 within Keytime Payroll.

In such circumstances, it is sometimes easier to create the company again, but if you have already set up your employees and the amount of reprocessing to be done is prohibitive, there is a way to advance through the periods.

To move periods forward within Keytime Payroll:

  1. Ensure you have a backup of your current Payroll data
  2. If any employees are set to be paid Net to Gross, the Net amount must temporarily be set to 0 (make sure you have a note of the previous figure - you will need to set it again later).
  3. Click Calculate
  4. Remove all pay elements from all employees or set the amounts to zero - this sets the Gross Pay for each employee to zero. *
  5. Recalculate all payslips
  6. Select any employee
  7. Click the red Suspend button and choose Suspend all employees with no gross pay
  8. Make sure that there are no employees still available in the current period.
  9. If employees are still available, follow steps 4 - 7 again carefully for these employees until they have all been removed.
  10. End the period, by clicking Period > End Period

This should take you to No Current period - No Current will be displayed towards the bottom-right of the screen, where the period number is usually given.

This will have advanced the payroll by one period without making any payments. If you need to advance any further, repeat steps 3 - 10 until you are in the period that you need.

If you had set the Net to Gross amount to zero in step 2, remember to set this back again, before you click Calculate for the period you need.


* Advanced users: If you are familiar with Keytime Payroll and will be advancing multiple periods (especially for multiple employees), you may find that it saves time to set the pay elements to zero in the Employee Information screen, rather than repeating Step 4. You will then need to set the amounts back again before clicking Calculate for the period you need.

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