Linking PDF files to client records

Within Client Manager Plus, you can link documents to client records. This includes the ability to automatically link PDF files created in Tax 2010 with the associated Client Manager Plus record.

To enable the automatic linking, within Client Manager Plus, go to Tools > Options, or press Ctrl + O. You will see a screen as below.


Ensure Link PDF printing to Client Manager is ticked and then click Save. All future PDF exports from Tax 2010 will create a link to the file in the client's record, under the Docs tab.


To manually add a file, open the client record, click on the Docs tab and then click on the Green + button - this enables you to browse for the file, enter a Description and Relating to information. Once you are satisfied, click Save to link the file.

When using the manual linking process, you can select any file format, so you can link all manner of documents, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML etc.

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