Maintaining users in Client Manager Plus

There are three ways to access the User Maintenance screen in Client Manager Plus

  1. Select Create Staff/Users of Client Manager from the Welcome/Settings screen which appears upon the first program load (and by pressing F11)
  2. By going to Tools > Maintain Users
  3. By pressing F8

The User Maintenance screen allows you to:

  • Add - Create a new user
  • Edit - Configure an existing user
  • Password - Set the password for an existing user
  • Delete - Delete a user that is no longer required

Creating a new user:

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter the Name
  3. Enter the Code (or click the grey square to generate this from the name)
  4. Set if the user is a Partner in the practice
  5. Set if the user is a Supervisor - Supervisors can administer all users within the software, with the exception of the Administrator
  6. Enter the length of one chargeable Unit in Minutes/Hours - relevant for Time & Billing
  7. Click Save - you will then be able to apply further settings.
  8. Under Restrictions, ensure that the Allowed User List contains the names of the existing users who are permitted to see this user's clients - Supervisor users appear in that column by default.
  9. To move a user to either column, highlight their name and click the green/arrow button which points to the desired list.
  10. Click All to move all users to the Allowed User List, followed immediately by the left green/arrow button to move all users to the User List
  11. Under TimeSheet Setup, enter the hours/minutes worked per day, the rate per unit and whether the day is Enabled for chargeable work. The green/plus button allows you to setup timesheet templates. The dropdown menu allows you to choose an existing template and the blue button allows you to apply the template to this user.
  12. Click Save to confirm the Restriction and TimeSheet settings.

Editing an existing user:

  1. Highlight the user in the list
  2. Click Edit
  3. Adjust the various settings (as detailed in the Creating a new user section above).
  4. Click Save to confirm changes or Close to cancel the changes and return to the previous screen.

Setting a user password:

  1. Highlight the user in the list
  2. Click Password
  3. Enter the Old Password (leave blank if setting a password for the first time)
  4. Enter the New Password
  5. Confirm the new password in the Confirmation box
  6. Click Save to confirm the change or Close to cancel the change and return to the previous screen.

Deleting a user:

  1. Highlight the user in the list
  2. Click Delete
  3. Click Yes to confirm deletion of the user or No to abandon the deletion.
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