Processing modes in Keytime Payroll

Keytime Payroll has two distinct modes, which are alternated before and during a period:

  • Employee - This is the default mode before a period is started.
    Employee mode is used when you are preparing for your next period. Any changes you make to an employee's details, or statutory payments must be made in this mode, prior to starting the next period.
  • Calculate - This is the processing mode, where payments are confirmed and payslips are printed.
    Calculate mode is activated by clicking Calculate at the top left of the screen. If you have entered Calculate before making a necessary change in the Employee mode, you can restart the period - see Returning to Employee mode below.


Returning to Employee mode

Once you have entered Calculate for the period, there are only two ways to get back to Employee mode.

  • End the current period - naturally this is only suitable if the change does not need to be made prior to the current period being ended.
  • Restart the current period - this resets any details entered since clicking Calculate; either for one or all employees - this is required for making corrections.
Please note that simply clicking the Employee button will not take you out of Calculate mode and any changes you make may not take effect until the next period is started or the current one is restarted.

To restart the period:

  1. Enter the Calculate screen
  2. If you wish to restart a specific employee, select their name to bring up their Pay Details screen
  3. Click on the Period button (or go to the Payroll menu and choose Period) and then choose Restart Period
  4. Click Next
  5. Specify whether to restart All Employees or just the selected employee
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Finish
  8. Correct the details for the restarted employee(s)
  9. Click Calculate
  10. If further individual employees need to be restarted, repeat steps 2 to 9
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