Accounts Plus iXBRL Quick Start Guide

iXBRL Update Instructions //


Backup your data

Run the install

Update your LTD format

Finishing touches



Backing up your data (existing customers)


Before updating the software, you must back up your existing data:

  1. Open Compac
  2. Head to Backup & Restore
  3. Select Backup
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts
  5. Make sure you save the backup to a separate location (ideally a different drive)
  6. Repeat from step 4 for each of your clients.

Make a note of the data directory (where your files are stored) that is shown in step 3 - you will need it later.

If you have many clients, you can reduce the amount of backup work needed by simply copying your data directory to a separate location.  If choosing this option, you should check that you can restore from this backup directory before continuing with the installation.


Running the install


  1. Download the setup file
  2. Open or click Run (what you see will depend on your internet browser)
  3. Click Next
  4. Click Next or change the install directory
  5. You will be asked where you would like the Client Manager data to go.  If you are installing as a standalone, you can leave this as the default and click Next.  If you have multiple users, you should select a shared directory - contact support if you need any help with this.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete
  7. Click Finish



Update the LTD format


  1. Go to My Computer, and browse to your data directory (this is where your client data for Compac is saved)
  2. Find the folder called LTD
  3. Right click on the folder, and select Rename
  4. Change the name to LTDOLD
  5. Browse to C:\Keytime\Compac and find the folder called LTDXBRL
  6. Right click on the folder, and select Copy
  7. Browse back to your data directory, right click in a free area of the screen, and select Paste. Rename to LTD.
  8. Browse to C:\Keytime\Compac, select all the files in that folder, apart from the LTD or LTDXBRL folder, right click and select Copy
  9. Browse back to your data directory, right click and select Paste.



1) Go to My Computer, and browse to C:\Keytime\Compac
2) Select all the files in that folder, apart from the LTD or LTDXBRL folder.
3) Right click, and select Copy
4) Browse to your data directory for Compac (this could be C:\Compac or C:\Compac62, or somewhere else that you have chosen)
5) Right click, and select Paste

If you chose to install to a custom location during setup, you should find LTDXBRL in that location.

If you use any of the additional modules (sales & purchase ledger, time & fees ledger, fixed assets register), you will need to perform one additional step:

Browse to your original install location (C:\Compac or C:\Compac62, or your own custom location) and find the file called CFG.CPC.  Right click on the file, and select Copy.  Browse to C:\Keytime\Compac and right click, then select Paste.



Finishing Touches


  1. Open Compac
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Change the Data location if it differs from the location you took a note of during the Backup step.
  4. Open the LTD master
  5. Select Database from the top toolbar
  6. Change entries 14, 15, 23, 25 and 37. In database entry 25 the requirement is now for just the auditor’s name.
  7. For clients - form the accounts in the normal way. The LTD master client data contains a new CA1 Format with all new Layouts. On the Format Contents, press F4 to Format Options, then Master Client checks at the bottom of the menu. Select Whole format: Revert to master. You can still use your existing Layouts but they may require tagging.  The database entry 25 will need to be changed to just the auditor’s name. You can either edit this or use main menu, Database, Compare with master. On the “Database checks” window select row 25, then select the Copy current row button.


When you are opening Compac after running the update, please ensure you use the new shortcut that has been created.  If you go to Help // About in Compac the version should be v63a.


What’s New //


The bulk of Compac looks and works just the same as before. There are a few new features in addition to iXBRL:



Word output of the accounts in Table format as well as the original Tab format. This is the best format for any accounts which are to use iXBRL converter programs rather than the system supplied. 


Excel import of data using csv files in addition to the original highlighted area of Excel. 


A facility to change year end dates. This is required so often that we have automated it.


For most users, the merging of the Spreadsheet and Word-processor modes within Layouts will be new. This makes working with Layouts much easier and allows more text styles. It is fully compatible with existing Layouts.  The database is in a spreadsheet style so that it displays multiple entries at the same time.



Getting Started with iXBRL //


The best way to get to grips with iXBRL within Compac is to take a look at the LTD master supplied with the update, which contains a fully tagged format, and to work your way through our Introduction to iXBRL document.

You will notice that certain parts of the accounts are now highlighted in blue.  This means that the item has been tagged.  While in the layout view, right clicking the item will display the tag – a further click will display the tag within the taxonomy tree.

If you have applied the new LTD master as above, the accounts will be tagged for you, but any special layouts you had been using will need to be tagged. To help with this, you can run two copies of Accounts Plus, and copy & paste tags between them using the Tag Details window.



If you are having difficulty, you may want to check out our troubleshooting guide for Accounts Plus (powered by Compac).  This article is being constantly updated to include the latest information to help you.

You can view the guide here

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  • 0
    Jim Mackenzie

    Updated to add instructions to copy the CA1 html basics.txt file into the data directory.

  • 0
    Jim Mackenzie

    Updated to include the link to the troubleshooting guide.

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    Ronnie Pollock

    Just starting with iXBRL.  In 'Setting an existing company to use the XBRL master', you have 5 steps. 1-4 are easy to follow. You need an extra step before the existing 5, which is Click on 'Master client checks'.  Then, where it says

    5.       Press Whole format: Revert to Master , you should add ' which is at the bottom of the box.


    You should also add ' This procedure needs to be repeated each time you update a new client'.


    If you had that, it would save us alot of time hanging on the phone for your support team.


    Thanks.  Ronnie Pollock 

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