Accounts Plus - Turning off the auditor report

When using Accounts Plus for the first time, you may be confused as to why an independent auditors report is shown in the chart of accounts.

To alter which report is shown, head to Data // Calculations on the top toolbar:



Fig.1 Data // Calculations in Accounts Plus

You will then be taken to the following screen; you are looking for the line with the Acc code 954:


Fig.2 Acc code 954 on the Calculations line


Select the line with a single click, then press F2



Fig 3. The Edit box


There are three options you can choose:

0 Use the auditor report

1 Don't use the auditor report or the Accountant report

2 Don't use the auditor report, use the Accountant report instead


Select the option which suits the company you are working on, and press Enter.

You should then see the reference to the Independent Auditors report removed from the accounts, and the accountants report appearing instead.

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