Adding the director names to the directors report in Accounts Plus (Compac)

This tutorial will show you how add directors & details of their shareholdings to the directors report in Accounts Plus.

By the end of the article, you will be able to:

Article version: 1.0.
Difficulty: Moderate
Time to complete: 5 mins
Tested in version: 63a


Adding the director names to the accounts

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The first step is to update the Trial Balance to include the non-accounting codes.

Head to Trial Balance on the top toolbar, then select the non-accounting codes line, as shown in Fig.1:

Fig.1: Enabling non-accounting nominal codes

Next, we need to view the Codelist:

Head to Trial Balance on the top toolbar, then select Codelist, as shown in Fig.2:

Fig.2: Accessing the Codelist

Once in the codelist, we need to find the nominal codes for the Director names:

Scroll down to 901; codes 901-910 are for recording the director names, as shown in Fig.3:

Fig.3: Director nominal codes

Select the line for nominal code 901, and press F2.

Type the name of the director into the box, as shown in Fig. 4, then press Enter.

Fig.4: Edit Director names

Repeat for the remaining directors.

Fig. 5 shows what you would see when editing the fourth director name.

Fig.5: Edit Director names (4th Director)

Once you have filled in the director details you need, close the codelist.

You should then head to Data List of Data Schedules. In the open list, select the line underneath Non-accounting figures, as shown in Fig. 6.

Fig.6: List of Data Schedules
Press Insert then enter a number, as shown in Fig.7, and press Enter.
Fig.7: Enter a data schedule number
Type a date for this 'journal' (as shown in Fig.8) and press Enter.
Fig.8: Enter a date
Enter the account code for the first director (as shown in Fig.9) and press Enter.
Fig.9: Enter an account code
Enter an amount (as shown in Fig.10) and press Enter.
Fig.10: Enter an amount
Enter a narrative for the entry (as shown in Fig.11) and press Enter.
Fig.11: Enter a narrative
Repeat for each director you need, then press Cancel. You should see something similar to Fig.12.
Fig.12: The completed 'journal'
Close the List of Data Schedules, then head to Accounts List of Formats, and select the line CA1, as shown in Fig. 13
Fig.13: The list of accounts


You should now be able to see the names of the directors (and shareholdings as applicable) on the directors report preview.


Fig.14: The directors report preview


Fig.15: The contents page preview


Article Version History

1.0. Added version 1.0. of the tutorial
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